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Wanted: Natural history museum in Egypt

Wanted: Natural history 
museum in Egypt
From pharaonic history to Islamic art to celebrations of Egypt's military victories, the nation has a wealth of museums. But the lack of a museum displaying the biological and geological components of the country's natural heritage creates a knowledge gap, jeopardizes the existence of natural wealth and limits the ability to use it in education, environmental tourism, and scientific research. 
Attempts to establish a natural history museum here have been ongoing since the 1920s. For various reasons - namely the lack of commitment and support from the government, as well as an absence of interest or a champion - the project never materialized. Unlike its cultural resources, Egypt’s natural resources are neglected; the country has no natural history organization to match those dedicated to its cultural heritage, such as the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. 
Natural history museums worldwide play an important role in the advancement of science, and the collections they host provide resources for research and educational projects. These collections and the knowledge they generate could be used to send powerful messages about pressing issues such as the survival and extinction of species, climate change, and sustainable development and resource use. 
With Egypt’s rich and varied natural heritage, such a museum has the potential to excite and inspire people of all ages. It could also contribute to the country's fledgling ecotourism industry and help Egypt meet its obligations as a signatory to international treaties such as the convention on biodiversity, which requires an understanding of and appreciation for our natural heritage.
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