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Dine with an Unconventional “Green” Sheikh

 This image was taken from our interview with the Green Sheikh in Dubai earlier this year. And this is his first column on Green Prophet
Dine with an Unconventional
“Green” Sheikh
We are thrilled to announce that the Arab world’s most famous environmental activist will pen a monthly column for Green Prophet. Born H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi, he is probably better known as the Green Sheikh (who knows how to treat a lady!) Drawing from a strong background in environmental sciences (and boundless energy), Abdulaziz travels extensively to promote cultural, environmental, and spiritual awareness. 
In concert with our own philosophy, the Green Sheikh’s somewhat unconventional approach transcends borders, politics, and religion. For this, he is deeply loved both in his home country, the United Arab Emirates, and throughout the world. And for breaking down the barriers associated with Arab royalty in order to help save what he calls the Blue Planet from human destruction, he is enormously respected. 
In his first column, the Green Sheikh introduces Dine with an Unconventional Sheikh, a cross-cultural exchange program, and speaks a little bit about what he hopes to achieve during his current visit to Brazil. He cherishes public participation, so please don’t be shy to add your comments and questions to his posts. The first one is below. 
The Green Sheikh goes to Jacksonville 
In the summer of 2008, my wife and I visited Jacksonville in the United States and met many important people at our host Suzanne Perritt’s home. That evening she invited her friends, neighbours, and key figures in the society to  listen to me speak about my interest in the environment, charitable causes, spirituality, family relationships, and general well-being.  I was dressed in the traditional robe of our Arabic Emirates customs.‬ 
A few special guests that evening commented on the talk. Tome Wastson said, “I hope and pray that some other Arab royal families will develop more representatives in the mold of Abdul Aziz who will be instrumental in seeking a peaceful future as these societies integrate with the rest of the world.”‬ 
Another guest whose first name I only remember as being Mike said that, “it gave hope that people of different cultures and religions can live together in harmony.” 
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