quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

Let’s Get Creative!

 Let’s Get Creative!
By Jim Kirwan
There is a potentially world-ending nightmare that has begun to make its appearance in The Gulf of Mexico. It began with the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon platform on 4-20-10. Since that happened the major oil companies have failed to come up with any way of slowing down or stopping the escaping flow of gas and oil from the now several fissures that have opened up on the sea floor.
The response from both government and the oil companies has been only self-protecting spin all the way to non-existent half-measures that no-one could believe in.
The result has gone from being catastrophic to total helplessness on the part of those responsible at all levels. That’s the shape of the nightmare.
However a number of years ago an ingenious microbe was developed that actually feeds on oil until there is no more oil to consume whereupon the microbe dies: This development was heralded as a scientific-miracle at the time; yet it has not been used on any of the major oil disasters that continue to happen all around the world-why not? The answer to that question is “Because it works!” (1).
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