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BP Acts Fast To Refit Gulf Of Mexico Oil Cap

Oil from the spill is collected for government research purposes
BP Acts Fast To Refit Gulf Of Mexico Oil Cap
By Goldie Momen Putrym
Besieged energy company BP has reinstalled an oil-siphoning cap after its inadvertent removal led to hours of unchecked oil flow into the ocean.
The oil company is due to be discussed at a meeting between Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama on Saturday, ahead of the upcoming G8/G20 summit in Canada.
The developments come within hours of news that BP is facing legal action from an American investment firm.
New York state's Common Retirement Fund announced it plans to sue BP over losses from the company's share price drop.
The pension fund owned 19 million shares in BP when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20.
Font: Sky News Online

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